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Goals and Methods

Our headache clinic is a premiere headache and migraine health care facility devoted exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and continued care and analysis of headaches and draws patients from all over the country and the sub-continent and Middle East.

At the Headache Clinic patients are seen on an outpatient basis. Outpatient care begins with a thorough medical history. You will be given a questionnaire that will indicate in advance the information that we will be seeking regarding your headache. This will be followed by a complete neurological evaluation. Diagnostic testing already done is reviewed and additional tests and other referrals are asked for only if necessary. A CT/MRI scan is not needed in every patient with headache. After the initial interview, the scientific basis of your headache will be explained to you in a simple way, the preventive and acute treatment plan will also be discussed. Pharmacological treatment and lifestyle changes are advised based on the headache type.

Because we consider ‘Headache’ to be a real disease that needs continued care like high blood pressure or diabetes, we will also be looking at a comprehensive treatment plan that includes trigger control, nutrition, sleep modification, exercise, and additional referrals or diagnostic tests as may
be necessary. The patient is instructed regarding maintenance of a headache diary.

We firmly believe that the final goal should be 'Minimum headache with Minimum Medication’ and this you should learn to do on your own so that ‘Life need not be one headache after another’ (literally !). The more motivated the patient is, the more successful is the Treatment plan. We encourage a close, trustful patient-physician partnership that results in effective management.

Continuity of care and offering a 24 X 7 helpline are key features of our Headache Clinic that are different from other health-care providers. Such a comprehensive evaluation and continuity of care can only be provided through a Headache Clinic where the specialist has the interest, time, inclination and a sound knowledge of headache disorders. With our caring attitude, and your realistic expectations we will be able to reduce your headache burden. And when headaches are no longer the focus of your life, headache treatment will require only periodic review.
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