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Headache Myths & Misunderstandings
There are many wrong notions about headaches. People tend to attribute the cause of the head pain to their stomach upset, acidity or their refractive error. Inspite of so many features that suggest otherwise. People have fixed notions about this common complex malady. Given are some other myths & misunderstandings of headache patients
That there is nothing that can be done about migraines: While it’s true that there’s no way to get rid of this genetically inherited condition entirely, there are ways to manage the debilitating headaches. With proper diagnosis and trigger identification, the attacks can be greatly reduced and special medications can help manage the pain.
That migraines are limited to adults and women: Though it’s less common, children and men also experience migraines. Migraineurs are often the most misdiagnosed because of this myth and some doctors don’t even consider the possibility that their headaches are caused by a migraine.
That headaches are triggered by allergies or changes in the weather conditions; therefore they are probably sinus headaches:Allergic reactions and changes in the weather can trigger migraines, but they are never the cause. In addition, migraines are often accompanied by symptoms such as a runny nose or watery eyes that can be mistaken for sinus-based headaches.
That you don’t need to see a specialist for a migraine: Migraines can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and your primary physician may not be trained to spot a migraine with atypical presentation. If you suspect that you’re suffering from a migraine, it’s best to go to a headache specialist for proper diagnosis.
That people who complain about migraine headaches are just lazy and shirking their work : Migraines are well known to disrupt lifestyles, affect relationships. Most people who take days off from work due to migraines would be more than willing to trade in the pain for the work.
That only hypersensitive, uptight, perfectionist, compulsive types get migraines: Research has shown that there is no such thing as a particular personality type who develops migraines. Therefore, put to rest all misconceptions that it is your personality that is to be blamed for your headache.
That a headache without an “aura” is not a migraine: An aura or the sensory disturbance that comes before the actual headache happens only in 10-15% of people who suffer from migraines. It is also possible for people who experience the aura phase not to experience the headache that usually defines what a migraine is.
That headaches are all due to eye problems or sinusitis associated
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