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The Triggers
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The Triggers

Since migraineurs are prone to more headaches when exposed to triggers, it helps in the management of your headache if you can identify the factors that may be provoking your headache  from out of the list given below

Environmental Factors
  • Hot weather conditions
  • Bright or glaring lights
  • Air, Pollution, high humidity
  • High noise levels
  • Strong odours
Lifestyle Factors
  • Fan/ AC blast
  • Stressful travel
  • Physical exertion
  • Emotional stress
Hormonal Influences
  • Linked to menstrual cycle
  • Use of contraceptive pills,hormonal products
Dietary Factors
  • Skipping breakfast and other meals
  • Fasting habits
  • Cheese, paneer, chocolates
  • Food preservatives with nitrates,
    mono sodium glutamate(MSG)
  • Excess coffee, tea and colas (caffeine)
  • Fermented foods (idli, dosa, dhokla)
  • Red wine
  • Artificial sweeteners (Aspartame)
Sleep Pattern
  • Change in sleep pattern
  • Oversleeping
  • Sleeping too little
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