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The Function

Chronic recurrent headache inspite of being so common is one of the most misunderstood of all medical problems; they are never taken seriously, are misdiagnosed or inadequately treated and sufferers are often considered to be ‘stressed-out’ ‘high strung’ or ‘over-reacting’. ‘Headache’ does not get the real respect and attention it deserves.

The understanding of these headaches have advanced in recent years and ‘headache’ is  no longer a problem that you have to live with and for which nothing can be done. The finer aspects of all this new research has not percolated into practice for the benefit of our patients. Bridging this gap between theory and practice is the function of a headache clinic.

This concept of a ‘HEADACHE CLINIC’ is now well accepted as the most appropriate and best way to treat debilitating headaches that are an invisible misery but can still affect the quality of life. The ‘Headache Clinic’ is now looked upon as the most novel, holistic and effective approach towards treatment of headaches. In India, the nation’s first comprehensive headache treatment centre was launched in 1995 with Dr. K. Ravishankar as consultant in-charge. Although this concept of a specialized clinic just for ‘Headache Management’ is still new to India, it needs to be mentioned that
there are more than 60 Headache Clinics in the US and more than 25 in Europe and some of them have been functioning now for more than 25 years.
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